Friday, April 11, 2008

Why did I choose a Toad?

First things first. Many of you might be asking, "Why does he call himself a Toad?" Jessica gave me that name when we were first married because of how I sounded when I sang. I know, kind of emasculating. But, I thought that was preferred to being compared to Josh Groban. Now THAT is emasculating!


Alisa said...

Hey, nice look on the blog. I don't like Josh Groban, but man, a toad? Not too much of a compliment. I have a cat that quacks. That's the closest I can relate.

Jessica said...

He totally got the story wrong!
He actually imitates a Toad very well.
And I don't think that's how he got the nickname. We had a bunch of nicknames for each other when we were first married, and that's the one that stuck.
We both thought it was funny.

Four Winns said...

What were the other nicknames from when you were first married? I don't remember hearing you use any while I was around . . .

Jessica said...

I don't remember all of the nicknames, but ones was
'Grease Popsicle'
(having to do with his oily forehead)
I think Toad is better, don't you?

Dan said...

Hey Mark,

Dan M from Okemos here. It's been quite a while. I'd be interested to get your take on the feds bailout of Bear Stearns.